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Ovamba Plus


Apply for TransactionsFully automated account opening and application process at both the financial institution and on the marketplace.Predictive psychographic testing used in conjunction with transaction market-specific credit underwriting criteria to evaluate default risk.Ovamba focuses ONLY on the most creditworthy SME borrowers where the BEST MANAGED local financial institution also agrees to keep 50% of the risk of the loan.Fund Transaction
Lenders and Investors can allocate their investments across a number of different loans - building a portfolio with different risk profiles. Transactions to Borrowers must be fully funded prior to disbursement.
Automated Repayments
Full repayment of principal and Interest is automated through trust accounts held at leading International or regional banks. The originating financial intuition serves as the primary servicer of the transaction - utilizing Ovamba's technology and best practices.
Other Utilities
Manage your contacts like never before. Easy management for all your phone and email contacts.Keep up with the weather in your area.Find out interesting places around you ranging from restaurants to ATMs, schools to offices.Clean your cache and speed up the performance of your phone.